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All in One Tumbler Tool (Without Clamps)

All in One Tumbler Tool (Without Clamps)

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The best (in my opinion) tumbler marking and edging tool on the market. Use this to lay your decals or pinstriping straight AND trim and cut vinyl, painters tape, or electrical tape on your tumblers. Adjust the height of your blade SIMPLY AND QUICKLY. This all in one tool will easily hold a fine point sharpie or similar sized dry erase markers. It comes with a pencil insert as well as another insert for smaller pens or extra fine point sharpie/dry erase pens. The razor blade insert is used for your trimming and cutting needs. The list below are just some of the reasons you need this tool:

  • Make perfect lines to lay your decals straight
  • Make perfect lines to lay your pinstriping straight
  • Trim your vinyl as low as 1/8" or as high as 5 3/4" (if you need higher, just flip your cup over)
  • EASILY adjust the height of your blade for trimming

This tool comes with a pencil adapter, a pen adapter, and the blade adapter.

This version comes WITHOUT clamps so that you can choose to purchase ones that work best for your particular workspace. The ratchet clamps that come with the tool normally, work best for a surface that is 3" thick or less, with a flat area on top and below the workspace for the clamps to grip onto. If you have a thicker workspace, or something like a lip or rounded bottom, you may want to use different clamps.

C clamps or hybrid bar clamps can be great choices because they have a circle with a small surface area that you can hand tighten until you reach the desired tightness. However, BE SURE YOU DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Remember that your tool is 3-D printed, so you will want to stop once it becomes tight. If you keep tightening, eventually you will create enough force to break your tool as metal will always win over plastic.  These can get a little bulky and heavy, especially in larger sizes. You will want to measure the thickness of your table plus the tool to ensure you get big enough clamps.

C clamps come in many sizes (1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8") 


There are also Quick Release Bar Clamps that are a hybrid between the C clamps and our normal ratchet style clamps. I have seen ones that go up to 6" and other that go up to 36"


Tips & Tricks

Permanent marker will wipe off epoxied surfaces easily with alcohol, dry erase will wipe off unsanded epoxied surfaces or most vinyl with just water and a paper towel.  

If using for pinstriping, you can either use a  color similar to your pinstriping, or be sure to lay pinstriping right next to your line so that you can just wipe it away. 

If marking your cup while still spray painted, I recommend using a pencil so that you can remove your marks. Permanent marker and Dry Erase do not wipe easily off bare paint.

USE CAUTION when using the razor blade adaptor. It comes with a cap for safety but it is a razor blade and it IS SHARP. Use any necessary safety gear and use at your own risk. 

To change blade: With the safety cap on the blade, simply slide it out of the adapter. Put safety cap on a new blade and slide it into the adapter.

See videos for more information regarding this amazing tool.

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Customer Reviews

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Longer laser arm

I talked with Kelly about a longer arm for the all in one device,and she had a prototype and sent it free of charge I would still pay for it if she let me . But this is a lady that knows what she’s doing thanks again.

All in one tumbler tool

How did t live without this ? I save material,time and my patience.
Recommended for everyone.

Janna Alexander
Didn’t realize I needed it till I had it

This is amazing, it has saved me so much time trying to eyeball everything and line things up all Willy nilly. I don’t have to guess if it’s straight or ask my husband a million times, “does this look crooked?” So he appreciates that. Lol amazing design. Thank you!