Laser Instructions

The first paragraph is specific to the Stand Alone Laser, the second to the All in One laser. After that, the instructions are universal to both.

How and when to use the clamp:

You will find that the laser cannot be at a 90 degree angle without the stand falling over, it has a limited range before it is too top heavy to stand on its own. That is where the clamp comes in. You can clamp the stand to your desk, or anywhere you need so that it holds the laser securely. The little lever shown in the second picture will allow the clamp to open. If you are pulling that, and the clamp is not opening, look to make sure you are not pulling on the trigger. If you pull the trigger and release at the same time, the clamp locks up and won’t move. Once you have the clamp open wide enough for your table (or whatever you are clamping to), you will use the trigger to tighten the clamp as shown in the 1st photo.

 here are some basics to know for the All-in-One Laser Level Tool:
The adapter is made to slide into the All-in-One Tumbler Tool. It has a ridge that should be facing the top of the arm when inserted (if you have a tool purchased after January 1st, 2023 you can place the ridge either facing up or down and it will work).
There is an on/off switch at the back of the battery pack and we have made it so that you can easily access and change the battery when needed (there is already a battery installed). It takes a standard CR2032 (the kind in a car key fob). They can be found at any store where batteries are sold.
The front cap of the laser rotates both directions. This adjusts the focus and angle of the laser. You should only need to move it about a quarter turn either direction to line it up. Please use care not to completely unscrew the cap, as there is a spring inside and there would be multiple pieces to put back in.
The key to using this tool is to make sure your laser is lined up correctly. You can mark a straight line on a desk or use anything as a guide to make sure you are straight to your cup. If you have the cup cradle with rulers or the adjustable cup stand with rulers, lining up is a breeze. If you do not, find what works best for you. Everyone’s work space is different. It might be as simple as placing two pieces of temporary vinyl on your wall and using them as your guide. You will see in the first picture below that my level is not lined up yet. A quarter turn on the cap, brought me to the 2nd picture. If you are using a cradle or cup stand of some sort and you feel like it is moving on you after you line everything up, try placing a silicone mat or lined cutting mat underneath the cradle so that it does not move.
Don’t be alarmed if the line curves over your cup. Since the cup is not flat, sometimes there is a curve depending on the angle of your laser to your cup. Just know, that the curve is the same on both sides. For example, in the cup below, I used the corner of the eyeglasses as my guide to place the decal completely. You will want to play around with the best angle for your workspace.
  • The key is to figure out where you are going to place your cup, and then line up your laser line.
  • If you have a cutting mat like I have in the above picture, it can be extremely helpful to simplify lining up your laser and your tumbler
  • You should only need to move the cap a quarter to a half turn either way. If you have to turn more, be very careful not to completely unscrew the cap.
  • If whatever you are placing your cup on is sliding or moving too much, try placing a silicone mat underneath to limit movement.
  • Sometimes, depending on the angle of the laser to your tumbler, you may notice that the edges of the line start to curve up. Don’t be thrown off by the curve of the line. As long as you place the middle of your decal at the middle of the laser + line, you will see that the line curves up equally on both sides.
If you need help figuring out what works best for your setup, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to work with you and help you get your setup down. I truly believe in and love this tool and it is my hope that you will too!! You can reach me on Facebook, Instagram, or email and there are how to videos posted on TikTok and YouTube.
Thank you so much for your purchase!!
Kelly Sheehan-
Disclaimer: Do not look directly into the laser light. Please use this tool safely.
- Use any necessary safety gear and use at your own risk.