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Adjustable Lid Assistant- For Bamboo/Acrylic/Slurp Lids

Adjustable Lid Assistant- For Bamboo/Acrylic/Slurp Lids

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**************THIS IS THE SIZE FOR THE VAST MAJORITY OF LIDS****************

While our non-adjustable lid assistant works amazing on 16oz lids, The adjustable one is the most versatile and most popular size of our lid assistants. It works great on both the 16oz lids and the larger Bamboo, Slurp, and Acrylic (SB style) lids. This Adjustable Lid Assistant will securely hold lids that have a bottom diameter from 2 1/4" up to 3 3/8", making painting, epoxying, and adding rhinestones to the lids a complete breeze!! Simply loosen the knob to easily slide and adjust the size of the holder, then tighten it back up once you have the size you need. 

 Are you uncoordinated like me? Do you get paint all over your fingers? UV Resin dripping down your hand because you can't hold the lid even? Do you wind up moving and pushing your rhinestones around when you are trying to do the top and sides in the same crafting session? 

If any of that is a yes for you, I highly recommend you get this Adjustable Lid Assistant stand to help hold your lid in place while you do all of these things!! 

There is a cutout on each side so that if you do want to remove the lid while things are still wet or uncured, you can do so without making a mess.

It fits great in my hand (and even in my husband's hand and his are much bigger)

As most of you know, all of my tools have been created because there was something driving me crazy in my craft room and I just knew there must be a better way!!

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Customer Reviews

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Love it


Love it

Cyntiha Valero

Muy útil para la decoración de tapas

Keisha W
Amazing Product

This product is perfect for holding a variety of drink lids.

Bonnie Mitchell
Fast shipping

Haven’t tried it but it came fast and looks just as what was promised