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The Vert-align Ruler

The Vert-align Ruler

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Introducing the Vert-align Ruler, the perfect tool for DIY enthusiasts looking for precision in their tumbler designs. This ruler is designed to self align, ensuring straight and accurate vertical lines every time!

This ruler is AMAZINGLY accurate and simple. if you make marks on each side and in the middle, you have lines that are 1/2" apart.

No more laying tape down to make sure you have a good line before you trim off your excess vinyl when doing a full or partial wrap.

No more fighting to make sure your flat ruler stays still while you are marking your cup

Made of high-quality materials, this ruler is both durable and reliable. Whether you're a beginner or an expert crafter, the Vert-align Ruler will help you achieve perfect results every time.

No more struggling to keep your lines straight- with this ruler by your side, marking or cutting tumblers has never been easier! Order yours today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

This ruler makes it so easy for me to get straight lines!! I love it🩷


It holds its place on the tumbler. I would prefer it be longer to mark the whole tumbler without moving it.


Love it

Elena Jimenez
Love it

Thus is amazing, it make a difference that it sit perfectly easy to use I will totally recommend to my colleagues tumbler makers

Eileen Restrepo
Vertical ruler

This is a must have for tumbler makers. Really helpful aligning vinyl