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Laser Level for All in One Tumbler Tool

Laser Level for All in One Tumbler Tool

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This tool is for those crafters (like me) who want everything as precise as possible. I have tried other laser contraptions on the market and they were either horribly expensive (one was  $110) or just didn't work right. My husband had made me a laser level tool a couple of years ago that I used with a cradle made out of pool noodles and PVC pipe but it was big and bulky  and got in my way more times than not. I would inevitably hit my arm on the contraption holding the laser and then it would move. I knew there must be something better. I am proud to say that I LOVE this one. This version is made to work with the All in One Tumbler tool. If you do not have that tool, you will want to purchase the Standalone Laser Level Version.

If you have the adjustable cup stand or cradle, I suggest adding our new rulers to them to make lining up your laser a breeze.

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Customer Reviews

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Bethany Pfister
WOW- Game Changer

I used mine for the first time and was like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? No more agonizing about where it goes, if it's straight, etc. Click that in your cart as fast as you can- you will not regret it. My only question is what happens when the battery on the laser goes out.

I’m so glad you love it!! The battery is super easy to replace. You just slide out the part where you switch the tool on/off. Pip that open and it takes a standard watch battery

Laser level

I think I’ll like it once I learn how to use it. I did have a little trouble getting the horizontal line straight but I think I finally got it. Am planning on trying it out now that I got it adjusted. This is a great company to work with. I have bought other items from them.

Hi Becky. Thank You so much for the review. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have or things you are struggling with. I will be happy to troubleshoot for you

Kristi Booth
Amazing little tool!

This lazer is a game-changer! All of the things I struggle with became a whole lot easier, and tumbler making became a whole lot more fun!

Donna Giard
Laser level

Must say I do like this tool. It gives me a better start so my wraps go on right and match up at the end. Best purchase ever.

Samantha Gosserand
Laser light

I have an all in one and added the laser light. It is amazing and helps me know the placement in my cup.