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Stand Alone Laser Level Tool

Stand Alone Laser Level Tool

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This tool is for those crafters (like me) who want everything as precise as possible. I have tried other laser contraptions on the market and they were either horribly expensive (one was  $110) or just didn't work right. My husband had made me an ok one a few years ago, but it was big and bulky and I knew there must be something better. I am proud to say that I LOVE this one. If you do not have the All in One Tool and just want the level, this one is for you. It comes with a stand and a clamp.  It will also have an attachment piece included, just in case you decide later on that you want to be able to attach it to an All in One Tumbler tool.

If you have the adjustable cup stand or cradle, I suggest adding our new rulers to them to make lining up your laser a breeze.

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Customer Reviews

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Holly Durfee

Works great and is wonderful help.

Norgaladien Designs LLC
Love it!

This laser has been a game changer for helping me with my sewing and placing my business name tags on.


The laser beam is straight. Love it 

Angela Martinez
Amazing products!!

The stand alone laser is perfect I just need more practice cuz my decal was still not straight but overall enjoyed the rulers for my cup cradle and the laser. Thank you!