My Story

5 years ago I would have told you that I didn't have a creative bone in my body. I am however, very stubborn and competitive. My husband had bought me a Cricut a few years ago and as I was watching countless videos on things I could do with it, I came across a video of someone making a USA flag tumbler and thought, "WOW, that is so cool". 

I showed the video to my husband and said, I want to make THAT. He looked at me and laughed (Not in a mean way, but as I said, not a creative bone in my body). He said "I think that is a little above your paygrade just yet. Maybe you should start with something a wee bit easier"...To which I promptly responded "I can do that!!" So I did. Turns out my attention to detail and perfectionism lent itself really well to figuring out the ins and outs of tumbler making. I honestly cannot even guess how many hours I spent researching and watching how to videos.

As the time went on, I bought countless tools to help me mark my lines (I cant cut a straight line to save my life) so that I could lay my decals straight and lay my pinstripes straight. I also bought many cutting and edging tools. All of them worked ok, but there were just certain things with each one that frustrated me. 

I am blessed with a very handy husband so he started working on after much trial and error, the end result is the All in One Tumbler Tool. What I love the most about the tool is how easy it is to use and how sturdy it is. Whether marking or cutting, it is SO EASY to adjust the height. 

Our organizers came about when my son decided to surprise me by cleaning and organizing my craft room. He honestly did an AMAZING job, but not really understanding tumbler making, he dumped all my lids and straws in a box together. After the hours it took me to sort that all out, I decided there had to be a better way.

For now, we just have the All in One tool and the organizers, but we hope to have additional items eventually, all focused on making things easier and faster for crafters!