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Easy Vinyl Edge Trimmer

Easy Vinyl Edge Trimmer

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I may be biased, but I truly believe we have designed the best vinyl edge trimmer on the market. Here is why I feel like ours is the best.

It is EASILY AND QUICKLY adjustable, going as low as 1/16” without having to buy additional parts or unscrew things and screw them back on, then do the whole thing again if you want to change heights. It also cuts up to 7/8”. If you want to go just over an inch, you can unscrew the blade housing and flip it over to have a higher cut.

This edger takes a standard razor blade (it comes with 2) and changing the blade is simple. You simply unscrew and remove the housing, then (with the safety cap on), slide the blade out of the side and slide the new one (again, with the safety cap on) into place.

For those of you who want a specific height, we have made design of the safety cap able to do that for you.

  • With the cap off and the blade all the way down, it’s at 1/16”
  • With the cap on, and the blade housing all the way down, the blade is at 1/8”
  • Place the cap on its side under the blade and you are at 1/4” 
  • With the cap on its top you are at 3/8”.

Lastly, this edger is printed and assembled by a small business in the US, It is not mass produced overseas.

USE CAUTION when using the razor blade adaptor. It comes with a cap for safety but it is a razor blade and it IS SHARP. Use any necessary safety gear and use at your own risk. 

To change blade: With the safety cap on the blade, Unscrew the housing and slide it up and out of the tool. Then, simply slide the blade out of the adapter. Put safety cap on a new blade and slide it into the adapter and screw the housing back onto the tool.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Debi Hamilton
Great trimmer

I was looking for a trimmer that would trim lower than 1/8". Easy to use and works perfectly.

Kam Reagan
Handy Tool

I love the ability to adjust the height of the blade so my cuts are exactly where I need them every single time. Another great product by KellBell Customs.

Dagmarie Gonzalez
Lo que estaba esperando

Mucho más
Trabajo mil gracias


The ease of use is awesome

Maria Maberto

Every tool I purchase from KellBellcustom is great quality and makes tumbler crafting so much easier.